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An Inspired School Lab

Create a bright and engaging atmosphere for learning with this exciting school lab design featuring trending two tone cabinets with locks with inset black finger pulls for securing mixtures and utensils.  The faux stone laminate countertop provides the perfect space for experimentation, while the underlights in the built-in cabinetry provide the perfect lighting for measuring solutions.  The plexiglass cabinet inserts help making seeing stored items easier for accessing later, while the blue melamine odds a pop of color to the entire lab design.

Multi-Functional School Office

Your busy administrative office at school can provide multiple sitting and working areas with this multifaceted office design in grey melamine.  The 1 ½ laminate counters offer plenty of space for organizing files and office supplies, while the LED under lights in the built-in cabinetry provide warm light perfect for browsing through school files and reading reports.  The slab style doors and drawer fronts add a practical touch to this office design.

Employee Kitchen For All

Treat your employees to a break space that incorporates a dishwasher, refrigerator and other small appliances for employee use in woodgrain pattern with slab style cabinet doors and drawers.  The combination of the chrome hardware and Corian countertop provides a sleek contrast for added style, while under cabinet accessories add functionality are a nice touch for your employees.

Functionality for Your Tire Center

Your office workspace may require multiple staff members working in the same location with sitting and standing stations, like this Tire Center.  You’ll want to maximize the space to ensure both productivity and comfort with this durable and multilevel red laminate countertop made with contrasting white melamine.  The countertop features curved corners for maneuverability, built-in cabinetry for storage and length to accommodate multiple workstations.

Modern Conference Room

This engaging conference room concept is both visually stunning and multifunctional.  The combination of high-gloss woodgrain and red melamine is visually striking, while the faux marble laminate counter-top adds an element of elegance.  Lumicor cabinet door and drawer inserts and Strand Brick pressed glass barn style doors perfectly offset this office space quite well.  The LED under-lighting in the built-in cabinetry adds extra warmth to the room, while the media wall is perfect for video conferencing with associates and business partners around the globe.

Prominent City Office Design

In a world of cookie-cutter commercial spaces, your city office will rise to prominence with this superior design featuring built-in cabinetry in woodgrain melamine.  The adjustable bookshelves in niche add functionality while a false cabinet hides an exposed duct.  The high-gloss Formica workstation countertop services as the centerpiece and ideal space for creative masterminds and power meetings.

Sophistication for an Upscale Salon

Your salon will reflect your clientele’s lust for luxury in this upscale design featuring built-in maple melamine base cabinetry with oversized Acanthus crown molding and mirror trim.  With multiple bi-level counters and some made of marble laminate – your salon reflects a chic aesthetic that your customers are sure to love.

Showcase with Stunning Product Displays

Allow your clients to browse your products and accessories with ease by featuring them in custom displays with this visually striking combination of oak and maple melamine cabinetry.  Set the perfect lighting with LED accents, while the pedestal display area and crown molding stained to match in the elegant Acanthus style add a stylish touch to the entire display.

Spectacular Designs for a Salon

When your workspace is as busy as a salon, exciting interactivity is a high priority.  We can help you accomplish that with this design in contrasting woodgrains and faux marble melamine.  The cabinetry in this custom-made of Maple melamine.  Acanthus is a running theme here with the crown molding for the cabinets as well as the mirrors. The bi-level bar area is also perfect gathering space for greeting and consulting clients.

Commercial Park Executive Office

This delightfully vivid and modern executive office features a light and airy design with its combination of medium dark oak and white woodgrain melamine.  The built-in cabinetry is perfect for storing files, legal documents, and other work-related items.  The 2 ¼ thick workstation countertop provides the perfect workspace for your desktop, laptop and collaborative meetings.  Added touches like the upper cabinet flipper doors, moveable drawer unit on casters and thick floating shelves make this executive office space dynamic and functional.



Combine Your Desk and Credenza

Your workstation often becomes your second home, so stay organized and inspired with this desk and credenza combination.   The high-gloss zebrawood and black melamine with the modern black metal frame give this office design a bold look and feel, while the free-standing desk and custom credenza in its niche offers functionality and storage for work files and comforts to keep you motivated all day.

A Visual Treat for Your Office

If you’re looking for a visually stunning design for your high-rise office space, this combination of zebrawood, vanilla maple, red high-gloss, and marble melamine, along with bright pops of color, is the ideal solution.  The lighting design of this office is striking and made possible with LED ceiling puck lighting.  The modern built-in credenza and kitchenette adds functionality to this space.  The conference table is great for team meetings while the file cabinet on castors will keep you and your team organized with plenty of storage for files and reports.

A Fully Branded Retail Space

Is your retail space in need of a makeover?  Let our professional designers create the perfect layout conducive for wowing your clientele with a combination of high-gloss and textured melamine.  Our built-in wall units are perfect for your product displays, complete with glass shelving and countertops.  Add in a contemporary bi-level reception counter for greeting your customers in style, while they browse items in spectacular freestanding cube displays.  Finally, set the mood and tone for a day of shopping and sales with warm LED spotlights.


A Space to Live and Work

Combining your studio workspace and your personal living quarters is ideal for late night creative sessions.  This home office design features oak woodgrain and black melamine with complimentary black knobs and handles.  The floated glass counter top and modern credenza provide the perfect extended workspace for putting in long hours.  This office space also features plenty of covered storage for your files and office supplies.

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