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Two Tone Built-in Office

Mixed materials make this office pop. The bottom of the cabinets is done in white melamine while the top is black stained wood. The backing adds warmth with the wood grain backing. The desk sets two comfortably on the window wall.

Modern Credenza and Desk

This modern-style office in white features a white credenza with a black back and a simple writing surface for a desk. Brass details and hardware make the freestanding desk pop.

Farmhouse Home Office

This home office combines a blue-painted custom credenza with a walnut Farmhouse style freestanding desk. The room is perfect for an office at home with guest seating. Marble counters tie the two units together blending the style so it looks seamless.

Den Home Office

With the kids out of the house, you can finally convert the den into a productive home office space with this laminate workstation countertop and custom wall bookshelves.  The movable drawer and cabinet unit add functionality while the window bench provides a hidden storage opportunity.  Custom wall bookshelves in white melamine offer the ideal space for books, magazines and keepsakes, while LED under cabinet accents will light up your late-night reading.

Architect’s Home Office

Creating a home office space for design is essential for any creative.  Transform your spare room by adding this custom S-shaped dark oak desk piece with concavities and a moveable office ladder.  The free-standing desk for your workstation has its own unique design and showcases creativity.  The rolling ladder is perfect for high shelving made of adjustable glass.  The built-in drafting table is the ideal space for creating mock-ups and finishing sketches.

Stylish Flex Space

Work hard, and play harder in this modern flex space that features a workstation for putting in hours for work all day, while the vertical wall bed provides a nice area for rest and relaxation at night.  The contrasting chocolate and white melamine add a touch of dynamic style to this custom design, while the backless open shelving unit keeps the wall bed and storage areas nice and airy.  Thick floating shelves provide ample storage space for books and memorabilia.

Wall Unit For The Office

The combination of white and textured melamine keeps this wall unit looking lively, while the LED spotlights really add a burst of energy for your busy days.  The flat panel cabinetry and custom built-in adjustable shelving adds variety and dynamism to the entire home office.  The freestanding glass desk adds a modern flare to the design of this space.

From Office to Craft Room

Combine your work and play with a home office design that makes the best of both worlds.  The white melamine with contrasting countertop brings this flex space to life, while multiple workstations add to the functionality of the unit.  With one area designated for your laptop or computer, the other can be used for crafting and other art-related projects.  Pull out trays and adjustable built-in shelving units provide ample storage space for all of your supplies.  This design features a ribbon trough and adds a window bench seat for extra comfort.

Grand High-End Study

Transform your spare bedroom into a spectacular study with home office design features.  This built-in wall unit is Neo-Classically designed with custom-stained walnut.  The built-in cabinetry with decorative onlays, Acanthus crown moldings and corbels give this space a high-end look and feel, while the 2 ¼ inch thick shelving provides sturdy storage for books, trophies and keepsakes.


Post-Modern Office

Defy convention by stressing form over function with a Post-Modern office design that features high gloss melamine with orange and purple accents.  The dynamic color combination mixed with Matte Lucite cabinet inserts, upper cabinets with flipper doors creates an intriguingly organized space.  Your workstation will truly stand out with spiral desk legs, adding extra personality to your custom designed space.

Colorful Teen Haven

Add flare to your teen’s bedroom with a built-in homework space featuring Floral Formica cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  This unique workstation design features a built-in desk for multiple computer monitors, pull-out wire trays and barn-style doors for storing toys and supplies.  This colorful built-in unit is sure to keep you and the kids organized.

Classic Appeal for The Office

Spend your working hours in style in this vibrant and classic office customized for a home-based business.  The design of this home office is offset by painted cherry wood and architectural molding.  The raised-panel cabinet doors and arches with intimate LED spotlights provide both functionality and cozy comfort for your days and evenings in the office.

Rustic Modern Cabinetry

This home office design features clean modern lines and an ever-so-slightly distressed look with Castle Oak finished melamine.  The built-in shelving unit is perfect for storing books and memorabilia.  The custom cabinetry with beaded inserts provides space for organization and functionality, while the freestanding antique-style desk offers plenty of space for planning out monthly finances or journaling.

Elegance at Home

Design your executive home office with luxury and bold textures in mind.  The custom stained wood and ornate layers of molding adds an element of grandeur to this wall unit.  The marble desktop of the free-standing desk tops off this workstation perfectly, signifying to guests that it’s truly time to get down to business.  Speaking of guests, they’ll surely listen attentively in the comfort of their plush guest seating.  The raised panel doors and drawers provide additional decadence to this luxe home office design.

Cozy Home Library Office

Why not transform your spare room into a cozy home office?  This Traditional design features floor-to-ceiling library bookshelves in all-natural wood.  The Dentil molding offsets the design perfectly, while the lion onlays give the room a regal, yet dramatic aesthetic.  The warm lighting helps keep the space vibrant, yet intimate all at once, while the rolling ladder adds functionality.  The combination of warm touches and dramatic elements creates a combination that is luxe yet inviting.

Child’s Homework Station

If you’re hoping to make homework fun, why not add a playful workstation to your child’s room?  The combination of white, red and blue melamine creates a whimsical color scheme that feels alive.  The backless built-in shelving units and pull-out wire baskets help keep toys and games organized, while scoop drawer fronts make for easy access to hidden storage items.  The bun feet add a nice touch to this youthful custom home office design.

Shaker Bedroom Desk

Store your collection of handbags and perfumes in style with this built-in wall unit painted in white birch.  The Shaker cabinets, along with the smoked glass built-in cabinetry inserts are perfect for storing goodies and new scents.  The crown molding and LED accents add warmth and elegance to this home office design, while the window bench seat provides an intimate space for comfort and relaxation.

Vision In White

Picture yourself surrounded by elegance and sophistication while you strategize the family finances.  Painted wood in timeless white keeps the built-in wall unit bright and clean with matching raised white cabinets and built-in shelving units for picture frames and other keepsakes.  The ergonomic workstation for two is the centerpiece for this vision in white.

Classic Home Office

This built-in bookcase with fluted columns serves as an elegant backdrop for this classically styled home office workspace.  The stained wood of this design adds a deep warmth and sense of comfort, while the shaker cabinets help keep your books and keepsakes organized.  The rolling ladder adds function and accessibility, while the free-standing desk is the perfect centerpiece for your daily activities.

Flexible Furnishings

Transform your living room into a home office with this built-in wall unit.  This design, made of Hardrock Maple melamine, is not only bright and airy, but also functional as the built-in cabinetry serves as storage for the family television as well as office space with slide-out hidden writing surfaces.  Glass shelving and drawers with mirror inserts add a touch of pizazz, while the LED spotlights add warm lighting for the intimate spaces in the design.  Lumicor specialty door inserts are the perfect choice for this functional and fun built-in design.

Multipurpose Modern Built-ins

We know that functionality is key for any home office design, so this combination of laminate, textured melamine and wood perfectly frames this kitchenette with built-in wall cabinets.  Whether you’re hosting guests, or simply working at home for the day, the faux marble workstation counterpart provides a multifunctional area for either gathering, serving food or for use as a built-in workstation.  This modern unit also features a home bar with crosshatch wine rack and custom filing cabinets.

Minimalist Home Office Design

Do you have a particular design aesthetic that you’re hoping to achieve for your custom home office design?  If so, we have many options for you.   If you’re hoping to save on space to achieve a minimalist look, this built-in wall unit can actually accommodate two workstations.  With medium stained cherry wood cabinets and extra thick panels and counter-tops, this home office space is luxe yet practical.  This modern design features almond-painted inset drawers and wall-mounted bookshelves.

Luxury Home Office Library

Imagine a floor-to-ceiling office design that exudes traditional, yet trendy style and features a dramatic stark black oak finish.  This design creates a wonderful contrast for any room with lots of light, and the marble workstation countertop is the perfect space for work or crafting.  French Lite upper cabinet doors complement this built-in wall unit, while Dentil molding adds the perfect accent.  The rolling ladder adds functionality to this custom home office design.

Girl Cave

This angelic and airy custom wall unit in White Wash Oak melamine provides the perfect space for toy storage and keeps the room open for playing.  With a white Formica countertop on the desk, the kids also have their own area for homework and crafts.  With sandblasted glass built-in cabinetry inserts there’s plenty of room for awards and keepsakes, and the raised-panel RTF matching fronts are the perfect accents to finish the look.  After all the fun and excitement, your little one can take a nap break in the daybed with a pet nook for man’s best friend.

Modern Office for Two

Sometimes you’ll both need to get the work done, and we have just the right custom home office design for you.  This modern design is customized with a built-in office workstation that will accommodate two people working at the same time.  The stained walnut of this custom cabinet design gives this a very masculine aesthetic, while the Bullnose Formica workstation countertop provides a sturdy space for your desktop or laptop computer.  The Zebrawood built-in cabinetry inserts offset this beautiful design, bringing in a healthy dose of character.   Framed solid drawer fronts and solid wood edges finish the entire look.

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