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Elevate your office space with a built-in design that is comfortable, efficient and promotes productivity.

Classic, French Provincial, Modern, Shaker or Traditional…whether you have a particular style in mind or need expert advice and guidance with selecting the best choice for your aesthetic, our professional designers will collaborate with you to create a personalized office system that meets your needs and budget.

Let our skilled designers introduce you to our wide array of custom office cabinetry constructed from a number of materials including solid, textured, and patterned melamine; custom painted or stained natural wood species; metal and aluminum laminates; and sustainable green options.

Your office transformation starts with our various design options however, you’ll be pleased to know that you can further personalize your office space by mixing and matching styles and design elements.  You can choose from specialty cabinet door and drawer fronts, such as Shaker or Manhattan styles, and distinctive modern acrylic, pressed glass, or traditional specialty pattern glass inserts that highlight key areas of the design.  But why stop there?  Enhance your selections by layering the look with architectural moldings like classic acanthus leaves or egg and dart.

You’ll want to finish the look by adding embellishments that further define the style of your vision.  Our expert designers will collaborate with you to select from our carefully curated hardware in assorted finishes, popular LED accent lighting options, specialty shelf, panel and counter-top edges, along with appliques, arches and other wood accents that will help you achieve the office system you’ve been envisioning.


Treat your office like a comfortable retreat in this Contemporary styled design complete with clean lines, a neutral palette, and bold indigo blue countertop accent.  The built-in cabinetry of this office space features generous metal frame doors with glass inserts, heavily textured stained black wood, Geneva textured slab doors, and a geometric shaped countertop that’s easy to maneuver around.  Each element is complementary to the finished design of this sophisticated Contemporary style.


Let’s get creative with your office design by adding a burst of color to the neutral tones of your office cabinetry.  This Modern commercial office features a custom executive desk cubby area that creates square geometric lines that bring attention to the unique floating countertop.  Utilizing contrasting textures for the built-in storage cabinets really bring out the modern style with the intentional contrast between the high-gloss Zebrawood and the matte black framework of the niche area.



If sophistication is your vision, then this office design featuring white painted cabinets with the traditional Shaker-style doors and drawer fronts is the ideal solution for you.  This iconic office design is a style favorite with its neutral palette and simple hardware that is designed to keep the focus on the simplistic beauty of the cabinets.


This Classic style features vibrant color and epitomizes beauty with design elements such as decorative moldings, marble counters, and fluted columns built-in wall unit and desk.  The soft lighting and classic crown and base molding add to the overall Classic atmosphere and style.  This is not your average office design.


The Mediterranean hues and gold tones enhance the details of these layered classic, yet ornate moldings and door styles to create a luxuriously grand office design.  This executive home office features a traditional black marble counter supported by decorative wood corbels while fluted columns add a bold touch of elegance to the credenza.


This Transitional look was created by bridging design elements from Contemporary and Classic styling, resulting in a look that is all at once, elegant, comfortable and timeless.  The materials of this office design utilize warm tones and blend both masculine and feminine elements creating a look that is balanced and comfortable for all.


Postmodernism embraces a style that is both whimsical and unconventional as seen in this home office through the use of contrasting colors and playful design elements such as the spiral desk legs for your workstation.  The vivid purple and orange colors highlight the geometric shapes created by the custom cabinetry of the built-in wall unit.


Transform your study or home office with a Neoclassical look by adding elaborate embellishments such as the ornate onlay lions and acanthus leaves scattered throughout the office space.   The built-in cabinetry of the wall unit allows for plenty of storage for your books, files and keepsakes.  The Earth tone color palette offers a comforting feeling and consists of white, cream, and brown or beige with silver leaf accents for a nice contrast.


To complete the Minimalist style for your office space, we will keep the space sparse and streamlined resulting in a look that is clean and uncluttered.  With this office system, every design element makes a bold statement.  The custom cabinetry, embellishments and décor all possess a functional purpose and truly maximizes the space along the wall to keep your room open, well-organized and functional.


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